Proverbs From The Void

All objects in nature are without character.

We must accept that the characters we ascribe to objects in nature
are in reality not of the objects but of ourselves.

All communion with wondrous nature is illusion.
We whisper words of love into our own ears.

The object of our love reflects our earthly nature.

The mountain has no interest in the climber.

The particular form of an object acts as a reflecting screen.
That which we feel in front of an object is that part of our transmitted
wavelength which the form of the object is capable of sending back to
us. In the case of other human beings this is a two-way process and

The painted veil of the temple has been drawn back
– to reveal the painted stage.

We must judge which of our gods are worthy of our worship.

To be born again once is not enough.
The Christians have fled through want of nativity.

If those ordered to cling to the wreckage of faith could see that the
voices they obey emanate from themselves, they would not so readily

All holy books demonstrate the triumph of art over morals.

To become a god one must become less than human.

The playful gods, tired of being the centre of attention, have gone

We are the source and target of our own lightning.

When you see an eagle soaring or a murderous gun, you see a portion of

We cannot see that which we are not.

In ages past two things ruled – ourselves and the mirror.
In our age a triumvirate has sway – ourselves, the mirror and the void.

Seek your own image with diligence.

In music breathe and feel limbs move.
In poetry see the whole world inside.
In painting adjust one’s make-up.

There is no point in having a stage without having the drama.

Abstraction is the stage set – where are the players?

As dream tone is to the dream, so abstraction is to the image.

It is light and light only which reflects accurately.

A work of art should not refer to other things.
It should be the thing itself.

The beginning of all creation is ecstasy.
The end of all creation is ecstasy.

Ecstasy which is not all inclusive is sleep.

The blank eye shall see a blank world.

In snow white fields we shall plant our visions of summer.

Nationality, like an inherited physical feature,
is not worth a moments thought.

Inherited tradition is not culture. Culture is what is done now.

To escape from shadows come out from under the lights of others.

Be vigilant. If you stare too long into Ariel’s face,
Caliban will knock a nail into the back of your skull.

Energy without compassion is evil.

They live in dark caves, who fear the dark night.

Look across the sea to your friend.
There is no crossing of the straights between you.

Stand alone – there is nothing else possible.

Measures measure. Visions see.

Science has produced a boundless screen – the void.

One should not confuse how something is with why something is.

We should not confuse that which is life with that which is living.

Nature is appalling because we can imagine something better.

Evolution disregards tears.

Nature has no interest in the things that make human life worth living.

Consciousness has caught nature in the act.

We cannot possess the things we love. We can only be self-possessed.

To avoid undue damage we must agree with the world that it is not
attached to us.

The suffering we bear is usually created by our taking the truths of
others as our own.

The suffering we cause is usually created by our attemps to make
our own truths the truths of others.

The screams of others fly from our own throats.

All the world’s a mirror.

The single mirror of the infant must be shattered into a thousand million fragments
if we are to become adults.

To recognise each of the thousand million facets of the mirrored surface of the world
is to become sophisticated.

To only see ones own face in the world’s mirrors is to become an

Our persona is a distorted image made by the refraction of our light
by the mirrors of others.

It is in our nature to be able to reflect reflections
and in turn reflect those reflections.
We are an infinite hall of mirrors.

When we mistake the void for a mirror we see our enslaving gods.

When we see the void as the void we see ourselves.

We shall all hold hands in the dark and sing the songs of our lives.

We shall sleep whether we are tired or not.