The Lemon Tree Suite

This series of 100 drawings and watercolours form a complete work. There is no intended theme. They are held together by recurring images of a lemon tree. These were drawn from life every few days. The other images range from abstract designs, art works and images of war, to detailed pictures of everyday objects. All combinations are entirely serendipitous. The whole book may be related to the Ten Thousand Things of Taoism.

From one thing know the ten thousand things.

Lao Tzu

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Here are some of the page spreads from The Lemon Tree Suite

I have the books on my table and having read them, looked at them, love them.

I congratulate you: the Lemon Tree Suite paintings/drawings are so tender, and wonderfully drawn, rich, truly a joy to see.

The Lost Travellers dream is magical. The past can look after itself, it’s huge, and rears its head constantly, literally. So this book touches profoundly my thoughts and feelings around this subject of how/what next?  Many bells ringing. So I thank you. Also I congratulate you on the presentation, and that simply as books to hold in your hand, they are very satisfying. So a huge thank you, they are a beautiful, moving, thoughtful gift, and I am very happy, grateful,  to have them.

Emily Young. Sculptor

Wow, these books are so beautiful and so fascinating – I think particularly The Lemon Tree Suite, for me, with its powerful, touching and skilful images that invite one to keep coming back.  I also like the space it gives to the reader.  But they are both astonishing.  I hope you are pleased with them.

Dr Iain McGilchrist. Psychiatrist, author and thinker.

Garry! The books have arrived. They are both powerful. Lovely is The Lemon Tree Suite with lovely lemons interspersed with intriguing objects, and then with some unpleasant ones – the human condition.  Life is not all lovely lovely lemon trees.

The Lost Traveller’s Dream is really like going on a journey with the lost traveller, I love it, dreamlike, as it is meant to be. I’m so pleased to have them and see how the paintings and drawings come together as two books .  

Kate Dicker. Printmaker

I wanted to make sure I read ‘The Lost Traveller’s Dream’ before leaving tomorrow and have now done so.  I think it works beautifully, the improvisatory combination of images and text, the Beckettian echoes among others reverberating throughout, the sense of an unfinished journey and the meetings with dream-like images along the way. Thank you!

Caroline Maldonado. Poet and translator

Congratulations, Garry. This is extraordinary work. Absorbing. Two quite separate modes of consciousness at work, each book remarkable in its own way, but how well, and how mysteriously they go together. It’s hard to specify why. Products of the same brain, of course, but hard to articulate the connections. Best not to try, probably. So, yes, bravo!

Paul Broks. Author and neuropsychologist.

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