The Lost Traveller’s Dream.

A new book written and illustrated by Garry Kennard containing 68 ink drawings. They trace an improvised and phantasmagoric odyssey.

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The Lemon Tree Suite

A new book by Garry Kennard containing 100 watercolours and drawings with a Taoist background.

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A book by Garry Kennard containing 100 ink drawings related to Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’.

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Essays and Images by Garry Kennard

The distinguished science writer, Rita Carter, writes in her preface:
‘Certainly this beautiful book will engage and satisfy readers and viewers on many different levels. Combining images and symbols, and forging first and second-person perspectives, it creates an unusually fully-rounded view of one human mind at work’.

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The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars

by Paul Broks

with illustrations by Garry Kennard

‘[A] beautifully written investigation of grief … As an exploration of love and loss, as a portrait of a person and of the nature of personhood, this book is about as true as any I have read’ James McConnachie, Sunday Times

‘Interalia’ magazine published a conversation between Paul Broks and Garry Kennard about the creation of the book. They also included all the images made for the book including many which were not used. 

The link is here – Interalia.

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The Convergence

Rembrandt and Spinoza


A play by Garry Kennard

This play was given a public reading by The Hampstead Players in 2015. Texts for the stage and the radio versions are available to read or download.

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Other Essays

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