In this new project my aim is to create a secular chapel. Primarily it will be used for contemplation, for acoustic music making and discussion. It would be a continuation of the activities of Art and Mind (link). The first thing I felt needed to be done was to make some images which would feature in the chapel as a central focus. 

This has now been completed – see above. The triptych is of three 110 x 180 cm panels.

To begin with I made some trial watercolours derived from certain images of ‘divine light’ found in renaissance and baroque church frescoes – without the figures and very simplified.  To see these images click on the image below.


I then combined these with a lower cartouche containing images from human life. I want to give the impression, through the precise layout of these two parts, of our life experience being apart from, but related in some way, to the indifferent universe outside of our limited perceptions. Also the white paper should augment this by indicating the complete mystery of existence itself – the void or ‘the cloud of unknowing’.  I would emphasise that to me these are not ‘symbols’ of these ideas, but objects which I hope will make their effects directly on the emotions and should not need these explanations. To see these images click here on the image below.


All these paintings are on A3 sheets.